Google Cloud

Achieve 100% benefits of the cloud

Effectively monitor Cloud cost

  • Monitor Google cloud scenario regularly and receive recommendations for reducing costs
  • Establish governance protocols for data utilization, accessibility, administration, and oversight

Achieve complete transparency

  • Automate & set Google Cloud usage alerts or usage surpass when surpassed a designated amount.
  • Produce complete insight into monthly cloud spend and ongoing optimization

Minimize the total cloud expenditures

  • Track patterns in Google Cloud spending & project future expenses
  • Monitor and assess the usage of Reserved Instance coverage
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Discover possibilities for reducing costs

  • Receive immediate alerts for potential optimization chances.
  • Achieve cost savings without compromising the performance and scalability of your cloud infrastructure
  • Acquire real-time data on cloud expenditures and resources

Monitor & optimize your Google cloud

With heeddata

  • Save up to 40% on your cloud costs with Cost Explorer
  • Monitor cloud usage across teams & locations with Cost Maps
  • Enable optimization with Cost Recommendation & Live dashboards

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