Improve cloud costs reliability

Attain full transparency

  • Get alerted when expenses or usage exceed predefined limits
  • Get detailed information on monthly spending and ongoing optimization techniques.
Azure 1

Monitor cost on live dashboard

  • Receive evolving recommendations as your infrastructure develops
  • Define governance procedures for data usage, access, management, and monitoring.

Control & Save cloud expenses

  • Improve security, reliability and control the Azure Cloud processes end-end
  • Track patterns in cloud spending & project future expenses

Spot areas for cost savings

  • Receive instant notifications for potential optimization opportunities
  • Achieve cost savings while preserving the performance and scalability of your cloud
  • Capture Azure spend and resources usage report in real-time

Monitor & optimize your Azure

With heeddata

  • Save up to 40% on your cloud costs with Cost Explorer
  • Monitor cloud usage across teams & locations with Cost Maps
  • Enable optimization with Cost Recommendation & Live dashboards

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